Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of material do you have experience molding?

We have experience in running common commodity type resins such as PP,PE,PS. We also run PVC, CPVC,TPE, and TPU as well as engineered resins such as PSU and PPSU.  We also mold products for the electronic industry to meet both ESD and conductive material requirements. Whatever your product requires, we have the experience and ability to help solve your specific challenges.

How can I keep track of my project?

With our rapid quote system, you can expect to have all the information you need in 24-48 hours. Some projects are more involved, but we will communicate with you at least weekly and at every event in between. We have provided a customer portal on our website, where customers can log in to track a jobs status, updated daily.

What if my mold needs to be updated or repaired?

Our In house tool shop will keep your tool running cleanly, with any needed repairs made quickly to prevent loss of production. If the time comes for a tool to be modified, updated, or replaced, we will work with you to ensure that you can choose the best option.

What are your Tooling capabilities?

We have a complete mold making shop at our facility and working relationships with domestic and offshore tooling shops.  We will make sure that the tool you receive will produce parts to your specifications.

How is my mold cared for?

We have trained mold technicians and inhouse mold-making capabilities that will keep your mold running smoothly and extend the life of your mold with routine maintenance.  All molds have a dedicated mold storage location and are kept in moisture resistant storage bags with desiccant pouches to protect them while not being used.

Do you assemble parts?

Yes.  We offer full assembly services and custom assembly tooling to get your product to market.  We also offer pad printing, custom packaging, shrink wrap tunnel, engineered clamshells and other services to help make your product stand out!  You tell us what you need and we will make it happen.